Are wood countertops a good idea?

If your kitchen countertop is proving insufficient for your gourmet tasks or your cooking enthusiasm dwindles when you notice that hip clutter on your counter, then you should consider installing a butcher block countertop or wood countertop in your kitchen. A butcher block refers to an assembled wood used as a table top, cutting board and a chopping surface. It is usually made of sugar maple. The question on the mind of most people is that are wood countertops a good idea?’ Well, the wide popularity of wooden countertops suggests that they are not a bad choice. However, this does not mean that they don’t have any drawbacks. If you are planning to install butcher blocks in your kitchen but you are still not sure whether it’s the right option, the following pros and cons of wood countertops can help you make a good decision.

Pros of Wood Countertops

Environment-friendly: Using reclaimed wood for your kitchen countertop obviously is an eco-friendly endeavor. It also symbolizes your incredible aesthetic sense. Wood is a safe option to have as a kitchen countertop since it has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Attractive: Unlike stone tops, such as granite, wood offers a more attractive appearance. Moreover, wood is relatively warm as compared to stone which is always cold. Wood countertops add a rustic and aesthetic touch to your kitchen than granite and marble.

Great for the cut: Wood countertops offer a great cutting surface. With an excellent expanse and sturdiness, it can withstand cutting and chopping. Wood is strong and its anti-bacterial nature is also a major property.

Cheap: Amongst countertops, wood countertops are the cheapest in terms of price. Installing Maple wood countertops costs half the price of granite countertops. Moreover, maple is easily available. Although butcher block countertops made of hardwood, such as teak, can leave a dent in your pocket, they are still more cost-effective as compared to granite. Therefore, if cost is a major factor for you, then wood is certainly the ideal choice.

Cons of Wood Countertops

Prone to dents: Although Butcher blocks offer a convenient and great surface for cutting and chopping, they are prone to dents and scratches which happen while doing these things. The design of butcher blocks gives a nice touch to the kitchen but this is only before it is subjected to rough usage. The material tends to show all the rough usage signs, such as cutting, chopping, dents, scratches, burn marks etc.

Requires More Maintenance: These tops require more maintenance as compared to granite and marble. Removing rough usage signs, such as burn marks, dents etc., require thorough sanding once in a while. Although cleaning them is a bit easier, you need to be very careful while doing so.

These are the basic things you need to consider while buying wood countertops. Considering the pros and cons of this top, it may not be a bad choice. Those who are concerned about the environment can opt for maple instead of teak. The major reasons why most people like butcher blocks is their aesthetic features and low-cost factors.